SPACE-PLUG has now launched five new lines to the company’s offering!

“Original Orange” the colour so instantly recognisable as the, “Handy Orange Doofer” remains, but has been joined by two new colours in the range, a “Brilliant White” and “Brilliant Black” for anywhere this diverse product can help!

This provides a fast, simple and professional solution for all kinds of furniture and all kinds of situations, to just about any tradesman.

Cliff Petit, Space-Plug’s inventor and former fitter is delighted.

‘A great relationship with our new manufacturer, “Masona Plastics”, based in Whitesmith East Sussex, means that we can now perform small production runs in just about any colour we choose!’ says Cliff.

‘Adding both black and white plugs to the range means that Space-Plug’s appeal becomes even wider now you can purchase appropriate colours for fixings that might remain slightly visible,’ adds Cliff.

Both Space-Plug sizes, Regular for 30-50mm gaps and XL for 45-80mm gaps, are available now on Amazon in various guises to suit all needs.

‘We have a mixed size bag of 4+4 in both black and white, as well as bags of 25 available,’ says Cliff.

‘We’re also here and happy to help! Anybody who requires a bespoke volume is very welcome to get in touch with us via and we’ll do our utmost to meet their requirements,’ says Cliff.

Space-Plug can now help all kinds of trades and tradesmen will adore the simplicity of this diverse adjustable spacer fixing.

However, it’s not limited to indoor use. Space-Plug is great for use outdoors too!

‘I’ve been asked so many times for the new colours but, until now, production runs up have been prohibitive.

‘I’m delighted that they have now arrived and even more people can benefit from Space-Plug simplicity,’ says Cliff.

Users are urged to spread the word about this super handy, independent and British-made product to friends and colleagues. Space-Plug products are available on Amazon today!

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