SPACE-PLUG is undoubtedly the fixing of choice for fitting furniture, but did you realise it can save hundreds of acres of board!!
With Space-Plugs in the box, why have gables reach the wall? After all, we don’t have the gables meet the floor, since we included the adjustable leg.
Save the board for the manufacturer and hours of scribing and handling for the fitter … edge-banding stays intact and there is never a need to cut round a pipe again!
Chris Sharp Cabinets Ltd has made the change and are ahead of the game…
‘Space-Plug AFS has definitely been a move in the right direction for us. We adopted the idea about 18 months ago, it’s been a great success and we’re very happy to sing its praises,’ says operations director at Chis Sharp Cabinets Ltd, Paul Kettleborough.
‘The saving in material means that we get far more parts from jumbo sheets and because of that, profitability has really increased.
‘When we deliver to site, the units go straight into place. That really reduces handling.
‘Our fitters, who weren’t sure at first, are now over the moon with the flexibility and freedom it gives them.
‘Our clients have given us some great feed-back – and if they’re happy, we’re happy.
‘From our guarantees point of view, confidence is even higher knowing edge-banding never gets cut away and the unit always stays fully sealed.
‘Its great news that it’s made in Britain and that is something we pride ourselves on. We will definitely be customers for the foreseeable future.
‘All in all, it’s a great product and a great idea. We wish Space-Plug every success, with a simple, but massively effective bit of kit,’ concludes Paul Kettleborough.

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