ELECTRO-TECH Machinery was established by Derek Reid in 1996. Based in Moneymore, Northern Ireland, at purpose-built premises are the managerial offices, workshop and showroom.
Located in the heart of Northern Ireland, Electro-Tech Machinery is accessible to all.
The company specialises in the sale of woodworking machines, both new and second hand.
Alongside this, the spare parts and servicing department provides customer care to the industrial sector.
Electro-Tech Machinery offers a range of new machinery from top brands, such as Martin. Sales are supported by an extremely experienced and skilled team of engineering staff.
From the installation and maintenance of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines at the forefront of modern technology and the refurbishment of older second hand classical machines, Electro-Tech’s support team is renowned for the pride they take in their work and their comprehensive ability with a wide range of woodworking machinery.
‘Here at Electro-Tech we also provide the sale of second hand machinery,’ says managing director, Derek Reid.
This includes machinery by Altendorf Biesse, Homag, Masterwood, Martin Robland, and used Homag machines.
‘If you don’t see the machine you require just ask, as we receive machines on a regular basis,’ adds Mr Reid.
Among the constantly changing stock is a comprehensive offering of Martin machinery, which includes milling machines, planers and planer/thicknessers, sliding table panel saws, spindle moulders surface planers and thicknessers.
Two models from the Martin range which have long proved to be particularly popular on the Irish market are the Martin T45 planer/thicknesser and the Martin T54 surface planer.
The T45 planer/thicknesser is ideally suited for modern production methods, as it supplies cleanly planed wooden surfaces.
It is quick and easy to operate and for those companies which are on a limited budget, it offers excellent value for money.
Irrespective of whether short of long work pieces are being planed, the sturdy thicknessing table extension can dispense with the need for a second person located behind the machine.
Short workpieces do not fall on to the floor and longer ones are supported at the out-feed side.
The table extension always moves synchronously with the thicknessing table and this accessory can be retro-fitted without any problems.
It is possible to choose between the long 1,200mm version, or the short, foldable 450mm version. The latter can also be mounted on the infeed side.
The work piece transportation of problematical materials and short work pieces can be improved by means of a second rubber outfeed roller – especially if no lubricant can be used. The second outfeed roller is also available as a steel roller.
The operator can switch between the standard feed speeds of 6m/min and 12m/min during the planing operation.
Another distinct advantage is that the feed speed can be adjusted by means of the optional, infinitely variable feed control. This option allows variable feed speeds between 2m/min and 25m/min – depending on the individual design.
The Martin T54 surface planer was initially developed primarily to accomplish two separate tasks – firstly to dress work pieces perfectly and, secondly, to provide these work pieces with superlative angular edges quickly and safely.
Martin’s T54 surface planer features an easy-running guided surfacing fence with an integrated auxiliary fence, which enables quick and precise operation.
The ball-bearing guided jointing fence runs smoothly and without tilting on tempered raceways. In years to come, it will work as precisely as it does on the very first day following its acquisition.
Chamfers can be planed in no time at all, owing to the fact that any angle between 90 deg and 45 deg can be set quickly by means of the user-friendly single-handed operation.

Electro-Tech Machinery focuses on providing a first class service to the woodworking industry.
This includes;
• Installation of new machines
• Training on machines
• Maintenance servicing
• Break-down repair
• Fitting of spare parts
Electro-Tech Machinery’s professionally trained engineers strive to provide the best customer support possible.
The standard auxiliary fence on the Martin T54 surface planer is already integrated in the surface fence in order to guide small, narrow work pieces safely over the machine table. This represents an important contribution to improving Healty & Safety in the joinery workshop.
If the rear section of the cutterblock is equipped with 100mm long carbide blades, the edges of the coated chipboard can be joined tear-free.
However, normal dressing and joining is possible in the front section of the block (410mm). If the complete planning width is required, blades can be exchanged in seconds.

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