WOOLLARDS of Mildenhall is a company specialising in creating customised design solutions for the home, especially bespoke designer kitchens, bedroom furniture (including fitted & sliding wardrobes), study furniture and bathrooms all expertly crafted.
Woollards was established in 1947 and is a family run business, priding itself in caring for its customer’s individual needs – the company’s aim being to provide absolute satisfaction with a customer experience which is claimed to be second to none.
Woollards reckons to use a far more thoughtful design approach compared to other furniture manufacturers.
The company’s simple philosophy is that it has no “salesmen” and that its customers are their own “salesmen”, choosing from one or more of the company’s highly experienced, expert designers rather than consulting with sales staff.
As the result of over 70 years experience in design, product selection and taking care of its clients, Woollards has recently developed a fresh, more thoughtful approach towards transforming individual living spaces with the best, most innovative design solutions imaginable, delivered on time and within budget.
Those who are searching for quality products and first class service combined with value for money will not be disappointed with a visit to the company’s showrooms in Mildenhall near Bury St Edmunds.
The company’s main workshops are also situated in Mildenhall and one of the latest machines to be installed in the workshop is the T75 sliding table saw supplied by the renowned German woodworking machinery manufacturer, Martin.
Woollards of Mildenhall operates a T75 sliding table saw, which is largely used for panel processing purposes. It is primarily used for processing Egger board and Mistral solid surfaces.
In the T75 Martin claims to have re-defined the premium compact class of sliding table saw, having combined tradition operation with state-of-the-art electronic support.
Ian Woollard is one of three brothers who are joint owners of the company. He describes the Martin T75 as “a remarkable piece of machine engineering producing the most precise and accurate end results we could possibly wish for”.
In the T75 Martin has combined a cutting height of more than 200mm, with a swivelling range of 2 x 46 deg.
The patented three-axis system from Martin ensures maximum comfort and pinpoint accuracy, owing to its complete integration in the controller.
The three-axes – scoring height, scoring position and scoring width – are positioned with electronic monitoring without further intervention.
A quick-clamping holder enables the scoring saw package to be completely removed in next to no time, eg if saw blades of more than 400mm in diameter are required.

If the scorer is running, the light integrated in the table insert draws the operator’s attention to the operating situation. Martin thereby provides the user with a considerable increase in safety when operating the machine.
Martin invented the mitre cross-cut table more than 50 years ago to enable operators to make precise angle cuts on larger panels. This popular accessory has been steadily improved and optimised over the years.
Whereas a scale was all that was required to set mitre cuts back in the late 1950s, the latest table include a modern digital angle display and a fine angle adjustment facility.
The fence can be adjusted on both side to any angle up to 47 deg and the angle is displayed with a resolution of 0.01 deg.
A strong central lock ensures reliable repeatability of the correct angle. It is not without good reason that clients, such as Woollards of Mildenhall, who need to use a sliding table saw opt for the sturdiness, functionality and precision of this impressive range of sliding table saws.
The innovative “Radio Compens” mitre cut system provides fully automatic length compensation for mitre cuts and double mitre cuts by means of a wireless connection between the mitre cross-cut table, controller and digital display of the cross-cut fence.
Thanks to this wireless-supported communication of the cross-cut table, controller and stop elements, time-consuming set-up times for mitre cuts are reduced by up to 80 per cent.
The operator simply sets the table to the desired angle and the electronic cutting length displays on the cross-cut fence immediately show the corrected length dimension.
In contrast to other systems on the market, “RadioCompens” compensates for a variety of saw blade thicknesses by itself fully automatically.
As a result, the operator achieves a precision cut with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter on the left hand side of the saw blade – irrespective of the type of saw blade being used for cutting purposes.
When there is a preference for working with digitally exact dimensions, the digital cross-cut fence is the right option: the inner and outer stop work with separate measuring devices and can therefore be independently set with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter.
Each display can be changed over to display relative dimensions in order to execute incremental cuts quickly.
Like the analogue version, the digital version is also available as a flip stop with full-length support.
Lengthy, narrow workpieces are best cut with the appropriate support. The foldable front support table helps to guide the workpiece safely on the circular saw fence.

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